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Unlimited options

InnoTech from Hettich provides unique ways of creating marks of distinction from a platform concept for drawer systems. There’s a wealth of options for individualising just one basic drawer: Decorative profiles, railings, DesignSides, TopSides, interior organisers. Partial or full-extension runners with a loading capacity up to 70 kg. Versatility with lean logistics and production.

Invented by Hettich.

Fresh, new freedom for drawer designs. InnoTech DesignSide.

Design-rich drawer system for bathrooms. InnoTech.

One drawer profile, unique potential to stand out. InnoTech platform concept.

The surface can be finished in any pattern, or colour.

OrgaWing is the perfect place to store small items that easily get lost in a big pan drawer.

The choice of decors and materials gives you the scope to continue the design theme inside kitchen units for extra differentiation value.