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Time to move up.

LiftUp fittings from Hettich are the prime choice for flaps. They are easy to use, save space, gently retract the flap and close it in virtual silence. These fittings offer a wealth of options for designing and using cabinet space. Suitable for many different flap sizes and material thicknesses, they are easy to fit and adjust in production.

Move up with Hettich.

The Ewiva flap fitting takes up little space in the unit. Suitable for wooden fronts, as well as for fronts with wood or aluminium frame.

The large range of Hettich flap fittings gives you plenty of scope for own designs. Different front materials, flap weights and opening angles can be individually realized.

More than just a bar counter: the Klassik D flap stay with magnetic self-closing feature. Particularly efficient installation in System 32.

Lift Up. Up-and-under fitting - with free access to the interior of the unit

Lift Advanced HF. Folding-flap fitting

Lift Advanced HK. Upward opening flap fitting

Lift Advanced HL. Flap lift fitting

Lift Advanced HS. Lift-up flap fitting