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Office means organisation.

The Systema ranges from Hettich provide organisation and system-based solutions on a one-stop basis. Behind doors, in pedestals, behind flaps –  serving all areas of the office, solutions are available for organisation and functions that turn furniture into good office furniture. With added value for work efficiency, satisfactory and reliable handling as well as fatigue-free use.

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Big Org@Tower - a talented organiser in high-rise format with storage space that can be fully utilised from both sides.

Systema Top 1000/2000 - high-quality steel drawers for better workplace organisation, making items easier to find.

Systema Top 2000 - OrgaTank re-defines organisation inside drawers.

Systema Top 2000 - organisation for cabinets: clear, functionell and timeless.

File crade - cleary arranged paper organisation.

DesignSide - adding to design, practrical convenience and individuality.