Lamy Ply and Block Board


Archidply brings to you, Lamyply & Lamyboard, your ready to use solutions. Your work will now take lesser time & will be cost effective so you can meet your deadlines. Lamyply is a combination of BWR Grade Plywood and decorative laminates. BWR Grade plywood is made out of chemically impregnated hardwood timber and international glue line technology ensuring the product is 100% borer-proof. In-house manufactured decorative laminates are then pressed upon the BWR Grade plywood at 140° temperature, 14kg/cm2 specific pressure for 12-14 minutes. Impregnated tissue paper is used in between decorative laminates and BWR plywood for better bonding. The resultant lamiply has 50% more strength than the normal plywood strength. Similarly, Lamyboard is manufactured by pressing decorative laminate on blockboard.

The BWR Grade plywood, BWP blockboard and decorative laminate are manufactured under strict quality standards as prescribed in the ISI framework.


Kitchen Cabinets, False Ceilings,
Speaker Cabinets, Light Construction Works,
Cupboard Shutters, Furniture,
Table Tops, Panel Door Inserts
Std. Thickness (mm):
6, 9, 12, 19
Standard Sizes (ft):