• Libell Extendo Drawer Shelves
    This discreet pull-out shelf blends in perfectly in kitchens, living rooms and dressing rooms. It combines direct access through the front of the shelf with an excellent overview of shelf contents, making it truly unique. The unobtrusive magnetic non-slip mats stick to the shelf surface &..
  • Lina 450
    Store trousers without creasing them with this innovative trouser rack. The elegant, stable Libell steel shelf can be mounted on either the right or left wall of the wardrobe. Allows up to 15 hangers to be hung up or taken out individually and moved easily from side to side. The shelf also ..
  • Oeko Complet
    Full system including sliding system (can be retrofitted). Integrated soft – opening, soft – closing systems, Tall front bracket with 3-D adjustment for maximum stability. ..
  • Convoy Lavido
    A User – friendly solution for wide larder unit’s offerings optimum accessibility from three sides. The rounded shape of the elements ensures that the every last inch of storage is put to good use. The unobstructive non slip mat sticks to the shelf surface and can be removed for cleaning..
  • Libell Tall Unit
    Shelves and frame form an integrated whole Optimal use of space, down to the very last inch. The shelves rounded shape and curved corners make them easy to clean. ..
  • Pleno
    A Practical larder that opens smoothly for furniture with hinged doors. The entire mechanism pulls out of the cupboard automatically when the door is opened. All components are linked in a smooth flowing opening movement, and the mechanism comes to a cushioned stop. Interior depth: Min. 500..
  • Tall Unit
    Simple-to-use slide-out storage space. With its integrated SOFT CLOSING mechanism for side and back-wall frames, this ingenious and high-performance space-saving solution is an invaluable asset to any modern kitchen. Storage space can be accessed from three sides. This unit includes back-fa..
  • Utility Pullout - Picanto
    Suitable for storing items in corners, under the sink and in bathrooms. The pull-out system can be used either as a front pull-out or as a pull-out unit fitted behind hinged doors and comes with full extension runner and with an integrated soft closing device. Unbreakable transparent inserts ..
  • Libell Sesam
    Side-mounted clip-on system makes full use of available cupboard space and organizes it too. Plenty of space for an airer or an ironing board. Adjust the height of the hose/broom holder, clip-on shelves and hooks, depending on the items being stored. Height-adjustable clip-on elem..
  • Libell Snello
    Excellent access from both sides Optimal use of space The shelves closed bases prevent bottles and spice jars from falling over and small items from falling out Shelves can easily be removed for cleaning Applicable for 2 liter plastic bottles (150 mm pull-out) Straightforward assem..
  • Libell Magic Corner Comfort
    All of the shelves can be pulled right out of the unit and accessed from there. Maximum use (over 80%) of the storage space available in a corner unit. The shelves and fittings form an integrated whole with frames and slide-out systems. The shelves rounded shape and curved corners make..
  • Libell Magic Corner Flex
    Ergonomic access to the entire contents of the unit. All shelves can easily be removed for cleaning and clipped back in. The shelves and fittings form an integrated whole. The shelves rounded shape and curved corners make them easy to clean. Available with non-slip mat.   ..
  • Magic Corner Comfort
    Provides optimal use of space and ensures maximum user comfort. The main pull-out mechanism (‘LGA’ certified) can be pulled out with ease and is SOFT-CLOSE. Any Baskets clipped into the system can be removed easily for cleaning purpose. The whole storage area can be pulled out of the cabine..
  • Magic Corner Flex
    These corner mechanisms makes best use of available space Has excellent sliding properties and features the SoftStopp Plus soft-closing system. Its clip-on front cuts assembly time in half. Tool free alignment of the shutter (3 dimension) Load capacity: Front ..
  • Pegasus Pull Down System
    Ergonomic lift system for high wall cabinets. Ability to adjust counter weight with the turning of the rotating adjuster. Four adjustable shelves are provided which can be removed & hooked on to different heights. The entire system can be easily pulled down or pushed back which has Soft..
  • Pesolo - Utility Rack
    The practical, versatile Pesolo pull-out can be used in cleaning cupboards or as an extra pull-out for waste systems. The two trays are easy to remove and replace when cleaning. The system comes with 10 hooks, which can be clipped on individually underneath the trays. May be installed on th..
  • Pesaboy - Tilting Waste Bin
    Tilting pull-out waste sorting system for units with hinged doors. Can be fitted on both left-hinged and right-hinged doors. As the door opens, an innovative mechanism tips the bins out of the unit fully allowing easy access from above. The full capacity of the 35 litre bin is used. The lid i..
  • Foot Pedal
    For Bottom Drawers. Retro Fitted. The Drawer can be opened with handle and pedal. Plinth Height: min 70mm. Ejection Stroke: 45mm. ..