Euro Profile Handles – Rose sets

Key Features

Built with high-quality raw material to fight wear and tear as well as corrosion and tarnish.
Exclusively crafted by world-renowned designers for Godrej.
International testing standards ensure that the handles are stylish, contemporary, and sleek.
Perfect combination of finish and functionality.
Victoria Rossette
S-Type Lever Handle
Sail Rossette Chrome
Orbit Rossette
Notch (Satin Steel)
NEH 04 Rossette
NEH 02 Rossette
NEH 04 Rossette
Mercury Rossette
L -Type Lever Handle
Fusion (Satin Steel)
D-Type Lever Handle
Cascade (Chrome)
Alpine (Satin Steel)
Alanza Rossette
Twist Rossette Chrome
mooth Rose Handle SS
Phoenix Rossette
Oliver Rossette
Notch (Chrome)
NEH 03 Rossette
NEH 01 Rossette
Matiz Rossette
Gloria Rossette
Fusion (Chrome)
Cascade (Satin Steel)
CALLA Rose Handle SS
Alpine (Chrome)
Ago Rose Handle SS